Thursday, June 17, 2010

Don't Bite the Hand That Feeds

If your bank mistakenly gave you money on a regular basis and then one day, also mistakenly, took a percentage of that money back; how would you react? Would you storm the bank, call the manager a stupid donkey and then stand out on the street screaming 'hee haw' at the top of your lungs after you were ejected? Or would you just keep your head down, smile, and keep collecting cheques?

The lesson is simple, don't berate the fish. They are your meal ticket and the game would be a lot tougher without their dead money on the table.

Berating a fish has several negative consequences, while it might make you feel a little bit better in the short term it lets the table know you are on tilt, it lets the table know that you are an ABC player with no imagination who can't read an opponents hand range and worst of all - it might even cause the fish swim away. A much more rewarding strategy is to smile and wait for him to make that same weak call again. Remember - Sharks don't argue with fish, they eat them.

After my time off I was hesitant to dive straight in to the $20 + $2 games, but decided I had to be confident or else I'd already lost. Only two games so far but the early signs are good with one first place.

$20+$2 - 9 man SnG:

Games Played - 2
Winnings - $46 USD

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